Should I tell him what's wrong?

I've been going out with this guy for a month now. We see each other almost everyday, and I'm starting to fall for him but the thing is: I don't know what am I supposed to do since he still is into his ex. He becomes a totally different person when she's around, I even asked him if both of them still had something going on but he promised me that they didn't and that they wouldn't come back together. But I am afraid that he is lying to me. So, should I tell him that he has to choose, or it's me in his life or her, not both of us. Help!


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  • No, you shouldn't do this. It could all be in your head. If you bring it up, you'll look very insecure.


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  • Whether you tell him that or not the problem is that he still has feelings for her.

    Cutting her out wan't make them go away; he just needs time to get over it.

    Do you really want to be with someone who has feelings for another person?


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