I'm confused about what he feels

So I am a freshman in college and I'm kind of in a messy situation with my ex because he went to college across the continent so things with us have gone sour, and then I met this guy and we clicked off right away and got really close and I knew I liked him from the beginning because of how cute he is and how nice he is. (he has a girlfriend of 2 years who is also going to college in another state) Anyways, one night a while ago we were staying up really late watching movies and our fingers slowly found each other (he initiated) but then I think he realized what he was doing and stopped. We never acknowledged that again and our friendship got a lot stronger throughout the weeks I've known him. This weekend, however, things changed. I was at a party that he didn't get invited to because he isn't in that frat and then I was bored so he came and picked me up and we went back to his dorm and drank a lot of booze ( his 2 roommates were there also) and we held hands again and then I told him I liked him and then pretty much that whole night was confusing it was him trying to control himself but he kept telling me that I was making him crazy and that he couldn't stop thinking about me and he told me he has been having dreams about me but then he kept saying why do you like me? and when I said because you are the best guy I have ever met he would say 'so I can't do anything behind her back I need to live up to that' or something like that. but anyways we pretty much acknowledged the fact that there is something there. The next day, he pretty much said we have to be friends I have to be there for my girlfriend. But it's still weird between us and we both know I don't know its so strange. I'm not sure what he feels. I don't know if he likes me or if he just said those things because he was really drunk or whatever. I'm going insane thinking about this.


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  • He still cares for his girlfriend but she is not there for him to fk so since he likes you he is conflicted between his feelings for his girlfriend and his need to empty his 'nads, as you are in much closer physical proximity.

  • Pretty much classic college situation right here. Long term Boyfriend and Girlfriend go off to distant colleges far away. They love each other very much so they decide to stay together. Boyfriend and/or girlfriend spends more and more time away and eventually ends up liking someone else.

    My read on this would be the number one thing you have to do is have patience. Clearly he likes you a lot and you like him a lot, but he also really likes his girlfriend too so he is very conflicted. He's just gonna have to work it out for himself and figure out if he wants to go after you or stay with his girlfriend. Most likely he'll go home for Thanksgiving and pull the old turkey dump and then you guys can start dating.

    However, the best thing to do is let him know that he needs to make a decision and give him space.


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