How long do you wait?

I dated this guy for 3 years, we broke up he moved out of state. After so time we decided to work things out and get back together. He is suppose to move back here. It has been over a month since he said he coming back home(here with me), but yet he hasn't... He keeps on pushing back the time that he is suppose to move back. My question is how long should I wait for him or should I give him a time frame to be back or just call it quits?


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  • the fact is if you legitimately want to try things with him there is no point in setting some deadline. it's controlling and useless. You can simply not wait on him but when he gets back into town, what are you going to say oh you moved back later than you said I don't want to talk to you? If you truly care about him then you should want to give it a shot rather than set some arbitrary deadline.

    Moving back may be a bit beyond his control. So I would just continue with your life, not wait on him but not give him some deadline to move back. If you meet someone before he moves back then that is his loss but if you don't and he's moved back you don't want to have alienated him with a deadline


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  • How long are you willing to put a potential partner on hold? Think of it this way - under normal circumstances, if you met a person 'today' that was your soul mate - you're likely around 1-2 years before marriage. How long do you want to wait for that?

  • If you love him and it is not easy for him to move back right away then wait as long as your heart says to.


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