Talking to a new guy but I have wishy washy feelings help!

I've been talking to a new guy for about 2 or so months and I see him on Facebook and sometimes he will respond to people on there but not my text after he text or i-med me first. He answers the phone when I call maybe 2/3 times every week but when he calls me I pick up every time like I don't want to seem "that" available but I don't want to be a b*tch and not pick up. It bothers me that he does that he told me he fell asleep one time and sometimes my mind wonders and thinks he is seeing someone else. He is in the navy stationed in jacksonville florida I am in n.c but he comes on the weekends back home and we hung out before he left.

He sent me a text 2 days ago we exchanged face pics and he said "i wish I could kiss you right now" but then today he asked how often could I come down I said well I'll stay about 5 days but that might be too much too soon I don't want to put anything in jeopardy he said OK but I told him it depends on were we go and if we were in a relationship I would come for a week once a month. He never replied but like I said above he responded to people on his Facebook when he posted a status. We haven't slept together and I want to do this right and I don't know if he is being sincere but he does usually hit me up first he just doesn't answer back in the middle of a conversation is that normal please help. I know I'm thinking tooo much.


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  • it doesn't sound like he's 100% invested in this


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