Anybody explain his behavior?

Well to cut a long story as short as I can.. Basically there's this guy who I've known for almost 3 years now. I met him through my ex boyfriend and whilst I was with my ex he would message me and we'd speak for hours as friends.. so I thought. Here's the catch, he started to like me and got jealous of me and my ex together as he was friends with my ex (weird) So after him admitting how he feels, strangely me and my ex broke up a month later. Months down the line we slept together and it has happened repeatedly from then off and on, so we are talking well over a year.

Thing is I started to gather more feelings for him as it carried on, which is natural I guess and I thought he must have some feelings for me since he said everything he did. Even when he has girlfriends or whatever he still tries to get in contact. I always say I'll never go there again, I guess you always have that one guy/girl.

About 2 months ago he was sat in his car with me and I just told him straight, that I can't carry this on without feelings progressing and it wasn't healthy. He said that it was basically lust and sexual attraction. I didn't want him to tell me he liked me and I could never be with him I don't think. But after all that we didn't speak until now and he's back around. I just don't understand how I can shake it off. I even moved away from my hometown and that hasn't helped.

What do I do? And what does he want? Yes sex is the clear motive but surely he can find it somewhere else.


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  • he'll get tired of this soon enough, as you say, he can get sex from someone else


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