His ex girlfriend threatened to kill me, please help what to do?

I been living and dating this guy for a year now. I been dealing with his ex drama our whole relationship. He refuse to stop it. They argue everyday. She threatened to kill me and she already drive by the house looking for me. One of the times she called I said " ima shoot your house up", then I started laughing and said I'm just playing. the way she text make it seem like they have unfinished business between them. Today she came over and tried to stab me and once again he protected her. I didn't know she heard me over the phone. I also said I was gonna hit her when I seen her. It seems as though I'm a problem here because it seems as though I came in on an ongoing situation. He told me she was just a f*ck to him. He said he been trying to get rid of her for 4 years now. he refuse to change his number and he unblocked her number even though they still communicated. He noticed a change in her because she is so angry and become violent. so he said he thinking about going back to work on things because he missed her and the chapter wasn't closed. Should I stay or leave?


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  • 1. Report the death threats to the police.

    2. Buy a handgun, preferably 9mm, .357, 40, or .45.

    3. Buy ammunition, visit the range.

    • He don't want me going to the police he always protect her. It's like I walked into an ongoing situation

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    • Seriously? What type? Like, a rifle like an AK-47/Ar-15 type, or a smaller thing like a tec-9 that uses small pistol rounds? Make sure to mention that to the police.

    • He says he want me to leave. He just wasn't ready for a relationship nor was he over her

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  • ...Stop dating a f***ing retard, and stop being one yourself...jeesus christ.

  • 1.) get a restraining order on her.

    2.) leave him. You deserve better.


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