What does my ex-boyfriend want now?

What does my exboyfriend want?

I ended things with him 3 weeks ago after 10 months - it basically became clear he wasn't ready/able/willing to make me any sort of priority and undertake relationship responsibilities - I was getting too hurt because I was investing a lot more

Since he has messaged me three times.All very very general conversation

In the last two days he called me twice - again general conversation and yesterday stopped past my house - again we spoke very generally but it was nice

Does he just want to be friends? or realizing something else?


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  • He's probably glad you ended a formal type of relationship. As you said, he wasn't ready to make you a priority, but he wanted to be friends. He STILL wants to be friends now that you have separated.

    So it's up to you..decide what you want from him!

  • No clue. You have to ask him.


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