How much should I have saved for my move?

I wanting to move back into the atlanta area. I graduate with my BS in Computer Information Systems in like 3 or 4 months. I used to live in alpharetta, like 20 minutes outside atlanta, but I'm thinking about moving inside atlanta. I can't decide rather to look for my own place, or try to find some roommates to move in with. When I lived in alpharetta I lived with my ex-fiancee, I have lost touch with the friends I had there. We split like eight months ago, I had to move back in with my parents, they live 4 hours south of atlanta.

So roommates would be nice to have if they are cool, because it could give me a couple of friends from the start. BUT it would be awesome to have my own place lol, I don't like being bothered sometimes lol.

My ex and I just started speaking like a week ago, and while I still love her, and miss her, I know I do not need to get tangled in that again for a while til I get my stuff ironed out, at the very least.

We were both really young, still really young. Now I feel like we both need to experience life, she was just before turning 18 when we met. We both did lots of things we are not proud of to each other. She is dating a 35 year old now (WTF?! lol) anyway, when we split, it was like a switch flipped in her.

I'm hoping it's just her being young and wanting to "go crazy". It makes me sad still when I think about it because, if she really was the person she showed me for those years we were together, I would be happy being with her for the rest of my life.

With graduation this close now, something I never felt would actually happen lol, it has me thinking about so much stuff in my life. I miss her, I want her, I called her aphrodite. I want to live my own life, party with some friends, make some money, start building my own life again.

Whenever I had to move back with my parent, it has made me feel like I am starting all over again, like I'm 17 or something again. I hate it.


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  • First, ditch the idea of this ex. Sorry. Why would you tolerate her going out and banging a bunch of dudes, then coming back to you after she's had her fun?

    Second, most of us have to move back home at some point. You know as well as I do, that Atlanta ain't cheap. Might be a good financial plan to head back home and make some cash.

    • I do know that lol, I have been home for like eight months. I'm not thinking about getting back together anytime soon, maybe after like two years or something, I'm going to have my fun as well lol. Or maybe after I'm like 25, I don't know really lol. She has told me that her new "guy" doesn't mind if she sleeps with other people, I don't know why she would tell me that lol but then she said should wouldn't do that

    • She sounds like trouble.

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