Why does he want to hang out?

I dated this guy for a few months before he had to move to another state for his job. One of the things we had in common is that I was also moving to the same area as him for school, but I didn't move until about three months after him. He introduced me to all his family, and I thought that he really like me. However, once he moved I saw that he'd been hanging out with a new girl out there. I asked him and he told that he'd gone on dates with her. I was pissed about and ended things. To be fair, we never said that were exclusive though. I'm now living in the same area, and he has asked me to drive to his city and hang out with him a few times. Why does he want me to hang out now?


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  • How did you find out about the other girl?

    • Facebook

    • My Opinion: You may not have discussed exclusivity but meeting family implies something more than casual dating. And then putting posting stuff on fb is another slap in the face to me. I wouldn't see him. I think he's either gotten dumped, lonely, wants sex or likes to play the field. If you do decide to see him I'd make him waste his gas to come to you. But again I wouldn't bother.

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