Do I still have a chance of getting back my ex?

ok so me and my ex were together for a year and we were deeply in love with each other. we talked about marriage, moving in together, everything. the past couple of months he was really unhappy because we kept arguing over small things that didn't matter and that made him feel like he wasn't good enough and that I don't appreciate what he does for me. even though I would comfort him after and say I enjoyed it, it would still stay with him. After all of this time, he decided to break up even though he didn't want to. He was stressed at work and school, and the past few weeks it got worst with me added to it as well. We took a week with no contact before the break up and he had told me we would have a fresh start so I was devastated by this. I knew I had to stop letting my emotions get out of hand and realized my mistakes. I told him I was starting counseling and that made him really happy. He said we could be friends and I could prove the changes to him and he would work on himself too. He said if this worked, we would get back together and never think about breaking up again.

The problem: We were talking until we hung out three days later and he got really emotional because I was being distant and he said he just wanted me to wait for him until he was ready and not move on. I said I would wait no matter what, after that I don't remember what happened but he got really mad, and we missed our reservations. I bought tickets for us to a party but he didn't answer that week no matter how much I called or texted. I even went to his house to at least try to get my stuff back to leave but still no answer. So now I'm just confused and waiting, I don't know what to do. I'm working on myself to solve our issues and hoping for that fresh start but I know there's a chance I blew it. The last night I saw him he said you know we're going to end up together. I was so hurt I felt like I couldn't believe him.


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  • Sounds like you two need the break for now


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