Do you think my ex still likes me?

Last night I was at a party and my ex showed up. He kept starring and I felt awkward because I was with my boyfriend's sister. He came up and started talking like nothing ever happened and hr pointed out we were matching. He doesn't know I am dating. And every time I talked or danced he was watching?


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  • what do you mean you were matching? clearly he didn't get any hint you might of gave him to leave you be. sounds creepy. but then maybe he's confused love with infatiation?

    answer one of mine? x

    • We both were wearing the exact same out fit. I didn't pay attention to him then when I noticed he was starring I felt weird. He's a bit of a nerd and that's why he's awkward.

    • how can a girl and a guy wear matching outfits? the starring I'm sure was awkward, my god! did you move around or try and hide? how well do you know him?

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