Drunk me slips and says "I love you"! Help!

For a year and a half I have been seeing a coworker as a FWB. We live 2 hrs from each other. We spent 3 nights away together for a conference in August and feelings grew for both of us.

WELL, this past Saturday we went out with friends and everyone drank to much...Not only did he tell me that night in bed that I kissed his brother at the bar he also told me I confessed like 25 times that I loved him! WTF

I told him I take it back, he said you can't take it back it must have come from somewhere inside. He did not say it back but he said he obviously has feelings for me. He said he was hurt by the fact I kissed his brother and is very jealous that a lot of guys are into me.

I think that must have been why I said I love you because I am not like that. All I think about is him.

MY QUESTION: I don't know where we stand. After the alcohol wore off I am wondering if he is going to back away. I want to text him and say "did I ruin things between us" What do I do?


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  • Definitely talk to him about it.

    Just make sure you know EXACTLY what you want before you discuss things. Make sure that you are being true to your feelings. Do you like him? Do you love him? Can you see yourself with him forever? If not, how would you feel if he decided to date someone else?

    • I haven't talked to him since Monday. And it was a very vague conversation because he was in the office. But I don't know how to approach him. Do I say I did not mean to scare you, I hope we can continue to see each other? I am so embarrassed I had gotten drunk

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    • Thank you for the advice. I sent him a text late last night. "Curious...did I ruin things last wknd"

      He responded "Of course not" and asked if I was around he will be in town Wednesday.

    • No problem, hun! I hope everything works out well. Update us and let us know what happens. Good luck! :)

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  • Here's a crazy idea.

    You two could like ... be a couple. And see how that goes.

    • It seems the L word scares guys away. I heard from him since Monday and I am not sure how to approach him. What do I say to start the conversation

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    • OMG. You're suggesting people actually date while they're sleeping together? This is unheard of! thumbs up.

    • Thank you for your help!

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  • You love him, normal. End of story. If he doesn't love you, get rid of him.

    • Thank you. Those thoughts are what I needed to hear. I sent him a text last night to ask if I "ruined things last wknd. He responded, of course not. So I didn't scary him away!

    • Great news!

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