Help! I can't find the words.

I really like him and feel like he likes me back he puts things on my school book so I can't read , he moved my desk with his ( we did that back and forth until he made it so I couldn't move his again ) ( we have assigned groups in one of our classes that we get into sometimes) but unless it's group work or going in to get extra help on one of our subjects he doesn't sit next to me

Or pokes at my arm lol until I look at him ( happened only once) he wanted to show me some pics he was supposed to be working on hw but was watching me instead . Why was he watching me ?

I barely know what to talk to him about sometimes or how and even if I should bring up my feelings for him .? Why does he behave/ act this way ?

I'm lost here


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  • I just don't understand your question, apparently there's some guy that puts crap on your book and moves desks around and pokes people and you like him for some reason.


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