Does he still like me?

So I kind of used him as a rebound but it was complicated. We were friends first and after our first date he told me he didn't want to mess anything up because he really liked me. We took a break because I wanted to figure out my feelings for him but we would still go on dates, hold hands, and kiss and stuff until one day I finally told him I felt ready. I felt so happy that he still through that. We would be like friends but also make out and do some sexual things but not any kind of penetration. He told me he really liked it and he's never done like anything like that before (he wasn't a virgin I am) we got to a bad spot and started fighting real bad basically this one guy would tell me one thing and tell him something else and got us to fight. He wanted a break I didn't want to really be with him. We had a lot of fighting. Unfortunate we work together. At first he'd get off go home then come back in like 5 times a day. He'd walk past me a million times and will talk to others around me. I honestly try to stay away from him but he'll kind if like follow me. He says he "doesn't care about me" which is fine because I kind of like someone else. Lately I've just been remenissing and I kind of miss him? Is there a chance he'd CW back? Did I hurt him or like what's up?


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  • leave him alone, you screwed up your chance with him


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