How much space should you give a guy?

Me and my ex was just doing fine. We was talking about getting back together and he did something that made me mad. I threatened to fight him, I blew up his phone talking trash. I called him at 4, 5, 6 a.m. losing my temper. I would call and text him every day and all day just basically with a heated temper. now he's not answering me after I blew up on him. This is the worst. I have a lot of anger inside of me and I didn't mean for him to see that. he said me calling every day made him think I'm forcing myself on him. basically I was making him mad like he was a punching bag or something. what to do? What to say? I made him mad on purpose everyday just for fun. I said I was gone hurt him and I was gone stop by his house and shoot him. I totally blacked out. I didn't mean to. All the anger I had I didn't mean to make him mad like this


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  • You should seek professional help because someday you will black out and you will end up harming someone you love and care about. The situation you described is way more serious than overstepping on your ex's space. You have a lot of anger inside you and I understand that. Plenty of us may have been in similar situations. But girl, you should learn how to control it, otherwise you will end up pushing people out of your life.

    • lol he told me to give me some space

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  • People somehow can justify this type of behavior somehow. I have been around angry people in my life and I thankfully rid myself of them. My life was full of poison when I was surrounded by that. Fix yourself and then maybe you can move onto a healthy relationship. Please do not harass him anymore. No matter what you have been through I may be sorry for but there is no valid reason to ever treat anyone that way.


  • Congratulations, you've won.

    Cheers to all you have accomplished. Now to savor your victory with pride and solitude.


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  • You should stop talking to any guys in regards to relationships. You need to get professional help for your anger. Leave him alone... forever.

    • Something has happened in my life and I talked to him after that I just wanna make it up. Please don't upset me. you have not lived anybody life but your own

    • Really you're gonna tell me not to upset you through the internet? That just proves you need to get help. I'm not trying to upset you, you asked a question online and I'm giving you an answer. I have a therapist there's nothing wrong with it. You pushed this guy over the edge with your anger you should peave him alone until you know how to deal with yourself. Seeing you make self improvements may change his opinion of you.

    • he just said he needed space and I'm giving it to him. and all the anger irs gone I had to find another way that's positive

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