What would you do if you were in my brother's situation?

My brother is in a hard place right now. he decided to move this girl in and it became nothing but money and sex. He became vulnerable and disrespected an ex girlfriend whom he dumped for this new girl. she's in a military. Since she is in the military, she feel like the boss. Everywhere my brother goes, she right there beside him as if she had no life. I even work on the base and she speak with tons of guys behind his back. She tell other guys she just want sex and a place to stay. She said she tired of him and want somebody else. She is pretending to be this nice girl but is being scandolus also. my brother talked to this girl he likes. currently, she is trying to force him to marry her but he refuse. she even purchased the ring and made it look real. she nagged about him speaking to her. While he was sleeping, she grabbed his phone and posted a bio on Instagram. It stated he was engaged to her but he signed in and changed the name to somebody else in order to trick her thinking it's her. she talk to a lot of guys behind his back. He brokeup with his ex for her. the only way to talk to him is on Facebook now. that's how much she be around him. My family refuse to meet her. All she do is take pictures of my brother and her mostly him like she obsessed to death. To be honest she scares me because she never leave from him. She even work the same schedule as he do. she don't wanna leave him alone by hisself. by December my uncle is flying down to help remove her from the house. she keep up so much mess. She just turned 19 and loved to drink and smoke to impress. He is 23 years old.


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  • I am sorry to hear this.. If I was your bro then I'd sit her down and talk to her and let her know that this is not want I want in my life now but maybe he is afraid of her reaction if he dumps her... ..she is so young and possessive and a bit or a lot immature.

    • He has his ex girlfriend still trying to get him to open his eyes because she care for him and still love him. He dogs her

    • Well, I would go back to the ex ...apologize and once ms. possessive realizes it she will be gone.. yes little miss red pepper might fight with him but best thing for him is to ignore ..ignore no matter what..she gets abusive and begins to vandalize the place..call the cops

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  • I had a similar situation with a two faced girl like that. My friends and family tried to have an intervention but it didn't work entirely. It took a while for me to see her for what she was. But it did get me thinking. And I eventually escaped. You need to have his friends point out the ugly face behind her mask. Not all at once but one at a time. To try and ease him into the idea of how badly she's using him. After he hears different people all saying the same thing he will start to think out it and notice her inconsistencies. If he knows he can return to his ex it will be much easier to break up with his current girlfriend. Spending that much time together will definitely drive them apart. No one can stand being around anyone that much. I don't care how good friends or boyfriend/girlfriend etc. Its a force of nature you are going to piss each other off so that will work in your favor. But for the love of god do anything you can to dissuade him from marrying her and above all else not get her pregnant. I really hope for his and your family's sake that he can come to his senses before it's too late.

  • Well as messed up as things are, it sounds like your brother still likes her so you have to talk with him and try to convince him to get rid of her. Even if you kick her out, he's still going to find a way to be with her if he feels that way

    • she has nowhere to go. her family stay 2 hours away from us. they act like they don't want anything to do with her. I now see why because she has a nasty disrespectful attitude. she is trying to force my brother to marry her before she deploy. my family has already asked my brother and he said no because he is too young. I never liked her because she bossy. she still there because of her living situation with her family which have her stuck there. her own friends don't wanna be around her

  • record 2-3 videos of her flirting with other guys and show it to your brother. (even audio recording will work).

  • The best remedy is for your brother to call the police, inform them that he's evicting a guest from his property and that he may need assistance if things escalate. He can then proceed to throw her sh*t out of the house and lock the door. She will most definitely retaliate violently as does any person of her possibly near-sociopath personality.

    I'm not sure how he will initiate that if he is indeed still convinced or pressured to believe this women is good for him.

    There is always the possibility that you may be misinterpreting the situation and she may indeed be a good person and your brother loves her. idk, up to you, talk to your brother, figure it out.

    Sorry if I was not very helpful.


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