Guy wants to keep relationship private?

I've been close with this guy for almost a year and a half, but I know that he has a lot on his mind (and he is also going through his mandatory military service). I've stayed at his home, met his close friends and his whole family but sends a lot of mixed signals. I'll try to keep it short.

- Says he wants to marry me, etc but our relationship would seem platonic from the outside

- Has never really confirmed anything - I'm not his girlfriend or anything like that

- Completely absent from his FB though he posts about everything else

- He has an old friend/ex-gf that he was still comfortable saying I love to. I got angry and he said he would stop talking to her without me requesting him to.

I've never been into labeling relationships but something seems wrong to me. I'm just wondering how you guys see it. Thank you so much. I feel like he's being too private and like we skipped a stage in the relationship...or I'm just kidding myself .


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  • Something seems off to me too. After a year and a half, you should be more aware of your relationship status and where you stand. I'm not about rushing labels either, but 18 months is a bit ridiculous to not even know if you're exclusive or keeping things casual. I think now is the time to sit him down and have a talk about it. If this confusion doesn't work for you, then be strong and walk away.


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