Stuck between 3 guys. I need advice.

So the first guy is my ex. We were together for a year and a half, we broke up 2 months ago because I felt he no longer wanted me, we lacked communication and I was tired of feeling lonely. After I broke up with him I wanted him back but he basically ignored me, I finally got over him. During the 2 months I started talking to this new guy, I'm close friends with his cousin. I like his personality and he is much sweeter than my ex. All of a suddenly ex is contacting me back saying he misses me and I'm just so confused. I've never dealt with anything like this, my ex was my first boyfriend. Lastly the last guy is nothing serious, but he attends the same college as me. We spoke briefly and I feel he's the better choice for me. But I have my ex blowing up my phone and this other guy sending me good morning text. I'm honestly so confused and don't know what to do.


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  • This is definitely a confusing situation. The good news is that you don't have to make a decision about this any time soon. Your ex may feel otherwise but he's wrong. He didn't treat you right and then he blew off your efforts to get back together. I think the burden is on him to prove that he would treat you a whole lot better than he did before. If he is unable to do that or he refuses to do that, then you're better off with someone else.

    As for the other two, since you have no exclusive relationship, you are free to date both casually until you decide to be exclusive with one of them (or neither of them). If your ex stays in the picture, I would suggest treating him as if dating from scratch. He doesn't deserve special treatment or consideration unless he earns it. That would be the price he pays for turning you down.


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