Ex-girlfriend advice?

So basically, I was in a club last night and I saw my ex. We broke up 3 years ago and I've constantly seen her in clubs all this time but I refused any contact with her because my pride hurt of her breaking up with me. However, something came up with me and I decided to make contact.

So we went for a smoke and she seemed surprised that I even want to talk to her because I usually don't even look at her when we pass by each other, according to her. It's not that I was doing it on purpose or anything, I just didn't see her.

Anyway, she seemed genuinely happy because I approached her and we're gonna go out for a walk soon. The 10-minute smoke ended because I had to go, but it ended with a hug, not initiated by me.

I may be over-thinking things, but what can I expect from this situation and did any of you experience a similar scenario? We both don't believe in friendship between guys and girls so she's obviously single. I'm usually hot-headed and I want everything to be scripted, haha. That's why I'm posting this here. Thanks for replying.


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  • Maybe she misses you? She had her chance to test the waters of being single and dating others and she could just wan to see if there's anything still sparking with you. A lot can change in 3 years without contact between you. What she knew about you then could be very different to what you are now and vice versa.

    I've run into an ex years later and generally whenever they've re-established contact it was when they were lonely and burned out on dating others and wanted to see if I was what they remembered or better. I've never gone back to an ex because I don't feel like watching re-runs, if you know what I mean. So keep this in mind as you two go on your walk. What would you want out of the situation, ideally?

    • Thanks for the insight. It could be so. I even mentioned to her that we're probably different after 3 years of getting "more mature" and I asked what changed to which she replied "everything". What would I want? I've had my fair share of relationships and they all ended up badly. Eben though I like partying and am an extrovert, I do wish to find a girl and settle down. Which is why I probably subconsciously wanted to find out about everything you wrote she maybe wanted. But ideally, I want to

    • find out what exactly she wants out of this as soon as possible.

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