Should I apologize to my ex-boyfriend?

Ok to get to the point.

Was with my ex for 8 months, if I am honest I wasn't really happy with him. Through out the relationship he did some rather nasty and hurtful things, however could be extremely caring and I became reliant on him. He made me feel inferior to other girls, got me nothing for Valentine's day, insulted everything about me, was extremely moody at times, wouldn't invite me out with his friends, would accuse me of taking money from him and would talk to all of his exes secretly. He even kept seeing his exes behind my back.

I got fed up, in the summer I moved back home and emailed him I wanted to break up. He apologized for Valentine's day, but didn't think he had done anything else wrong. He begged me to stay friends, I said yes, but 4 months on he refuses to speak to me. He got a girlfriend 4 weeks later so obviously wasn't too cut up about it.

I feel awful about how I broke up with him, I just emailed him a long email, and then went no contact. At the time I thought it was for the best, but now I am utterly ashamed of the way I ended it with him.

I am thinking about sending him a massive apology. What do you think? Should I bother or just leave it now?


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  • No...leave it in the past.

    The way you broke up with him was indeed wrong, but at the same time, considering he had a girlfriend 4 weeks later, it didn't really hurt him much obviously.

    If you send him any type of apology, he could read it wrong and take it as "I want you back." Or his girlfriend might see the message and start some amount of drama. Really, you have nothing to gain here.

    Your means of breakup wasn't healthy, but it doesn't matter because neither was the relationship. Let the past be the past.

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  • Don't bother he sounds like an ass he clearly doesn't care he has a new girl move on

  • I don't see the point in it.

    • Yeah I realize that now, I never sent him an apology and never will. To be honest he doesn't really deserve one. Thanks :)

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