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So here's my story in short. I met this guy back in 2008, I was 18 he was 20 we went to same college back in my homeland. I had to come here because of some serious issues in July 2011 and I was dealing with lots of things in life... I didn't want him to involve and since I didn't let him know when the things start going wrong it was hard to explain to him once I moved to the states. So for this reason and since we'll be dealing with long distance relationship and we're of different religions which can get hard with distance I had to broke up with him. But we started talking just a couple months after I broke up with him. I truly love him, and he loves me and I know I hurt him by breaking up with him. even if we're not together I still feel like we're together and don't feel like seeing or talking with guys... I'm not getting myself to talk with anybody else. On March 2013, I asked him what's up with us...the whole talking, calling thing... and he was like if you're ready you know my answer blah blah blah... and I thought we were gonna be back but I felt like he wasn't committed.. this past couple months things weren't really great between us... we barely talk, he wasn't that much into talking with me and stuff... so we talked last night for hours and he told me he couldn't be committed as before and he don't wanna hurt me so he prefer not to have any relationship with me... but he was like I love you more than anything but I just can't be lie I used to be and have a committed relationship... I just want this guy...i love him more than I can say it... we either have to be together or we have to stay out from each other and neither of us can do that...and I'm ready to prove him how I love him, I'd do anything to get back his trust! what should I do?! I think any though from guys would be more helpful... thanks you guys a lot!


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  • If he is unwilling or unable to commit, there is little you can do to change his mind. Has he explained why he cannot commit if he loves you that much? That would make some difference for what you might do. If it is because of the distance and/or the different religions, this can be very difficult to resolve as well. Many other factors (such as family) become involved. To resolve this, you would need to convince him that what you have is more important than what he would lose, or find a way for you to be together where he would not lose these things. Is that possible?


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