I'm so confused. What exactly is going on with me and with him?

This guy moved 2 blocks away from me years ago and I was pretty much his first friend here.He moved from a different country.He usto come to my house with his younger sister all the time but as friends.All of a sudden he stopped coming and I went my separate way and so did he.We both dated different people and he dated this one girl that he lasted years with and so did I.Every about 4-6months somehting will happen between us wether is him randomly texting me all flirty or gazing in each others eyes and one time it got to the point that he let me kiss his neck..This fling with him has been going on for about 6 years..But this will be while we are not in a relationship,Wether its that we are going through a break or break up.Him and his girlfriend will always break up and make up.Then last year he got her pregnant.I felt a type of way about it.I got upset but I got over it.They have their child but now they officially over.Im single as well.Ironically we became single about the same time.This last weekend I went to his brothers party and he was there.We danced and gazed in each others eyes here and there and he always smiles when he sees me or catches me looking at him.My problem is he seems too shy to ever make a move,hes scared his family might tell his baby mom about how he feels about me if they were to find out.Around his friends he will tell them how he's been looking at me and what we do because he makes it obvious but it seems like he tells them that he just thinks I'm so hot and he wants to have sex with me,so his friends believe that its not biggy because its a typical flirty guy thing.But a little flirty thing doesn't last this long and doesn't feel as intense when we are together.He obviously still loves his baby mom and I still love my ex boyfriend who I'm still talking to but there's something about him that I can't let go of and apparently he's the same way about me.We live two blocks away and I'm close with his fam especially his brother so no matter what we will bump into each other so I don't know what to do or what's this feeling.I just wish he can come up to me and tell me what he feels and make a move but it seems impossible.


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  • maybe it's up to you to make the first move


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