Do you think he likes me?

Do you think he likes me?

okay long story semi short: This guy and I had little crushes on each other briefly freshman year, hardly spoke sophomore year, then junior year we worked on a school event together. I feel like he always looked at me and when I look at him my heart jumps and I just really really like him. so he treats my mom very nice and he's come over for the school event thing once. we said hi in the halls and then we stopped getting the opportunity to cross paths. then basketball season started and he's on the team and I'm a cheerleader. I also feel like there he was always looking at me from across the sidelines. I texted him on his birthday 2 in the spring and we chatted for a little bit, but didn't talk until this fall of senior year. the school event started again and we saw each other every day after school. He has been so nice to me and we say in the halls and stuff and we always joke around. The school event is now over and I don't know how to keep the friendship going, if he even wants it to...

The other night at the football game when I was on the field for cheer he yelled my name- like literally screamed it while I was dancing on the sidelines (ahhh!). My friend was up there by him and said I was pretty and apparently he told his buddies "yeah I know!". we also smiled and waved to each other in the fitness center

The other day he came up to my car and started to talk to me before I pulled out of the lot and it made me SO happy. I literally woke up the whole with so much happiness- I'm in love with this guy and I think we both know there is something between us.

Today at a school event I was picking up papers and he was close by and I said hello (because why not- he initiated conversation last at the car and I thought it was my turn!) and he smiled but I felt really dumb afterward like he thought it was obsessed with him or something.

Do you think he likes me? He apparently is dating a girl from his childhood who's away at college (who apparently came back to the football game where he cheered for me but they didn't even go by each other) but I'm not sure if the relationship will last... its so weird to describe but I think we know we are meant for each other. he's been the only guy I've been able to like throughout all of high school. but after today when he only kinda smiled when I said hi I got discouraged :( does he even like me? what should I do to keep the friendship going?!

thanks so much!


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  • I feel like if he has a girlfriend, he might just be being nice, or his relationship could be sh*tty and he's taken an interest in you. Who knows? Just get to know him better and find out for yourself.


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