Will he ever love me?

So me and my boyfriend of a year broke up and now he is contacting me back saying he misses me and wants me back. So at some point during our break up I told him I loved him. So now since we've been talking again I brought up that topic. I asked him his views on what he thought when I told him I loved him. He basically said he didn't know if it was true. Than I asked if he felt that way about me and he was like he needed more time or whatever. I'm not heart broken by his response, surprisingly but I'm wondering why does he want to get back together with me. And don't say because he just wants to f*ck, I'm still a virgin.


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  • He may love you eventually but he isn't ready for love yet and it won't happen till he thinks your right.


What Girls Said 1

  • let him know that you are not intrerested in having sex as yet and If he really wants to be with you then become serious about it and quit the suspense

    • I mean he knows I'm not ready for sex. But that's not really what my question was about.

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