Is it normal to want to move away from home?

I'm from a small rural town. I'm about to be done with college in the Spring and I want to move away from home because all my family lives here and I do currently live with my parents (mainly to save money while in college). I've discussed this with my parents but they seem disapproving of it because everyone from my class (mostly) is staying and working here. I feel like if I stay I'll be really unhappy. Am I crazy for wanting to move away or should I conform to what everyone else wants me to do?


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  • It's as normal to want to leave as it is to want to stay.

  • Completely normal. I'm about to move back in with my family soon. I love them, but I hate the thought of it. I want to move away too, preferably to where I'm at, about 3 hours away from them.

    Do what you believe is best for you if you're capable of doing so. I mean, maybe only move a reasonable distance away so you can have family nearby if you want them, but don't feel compelled to stay with them forever.


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