Will you give back an ex a dog?

Before my ex broke up with me he give me a puppy, a month later I found out he have another woman. he then tells me I complicate things cause I act so good within that month just to get the puppy.

he name the puppy and was responsible for carrying to the vet and showing me how to control it and stuff like that cause I never own a pitbull before, now the only thing I have for him is that dog he give me and its a female there no other pitbull around to jump it, cause the deal was for his male pitbull to jump it when she is in heat. now I don't know what to do. I can't get it control, the last time I have to call the vet to do home visit to give it its shot, which cost more money than carrying her. sometimes the only thing I get out of this relationship is that puppy, I got it when it was 3mths it is now 11mths.


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  • Keep that sh*t, he gave it to you but tbh if I was in his shoes id want that dog back too.


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