Why is he acting this way?

I feel like this guy and I developed feelings for each other last year when we hooked up but now he has a girlfriend and acts like he's in love with her but he's cheating on (not with me) I'm acquaintances with the girl he cheated with. He use to follow me around and keeps tabs on me but I recently saw him at a bar with a few of his friends & he started yelling that he had sex with me (which I did NOT) as I was walking out with my friends. I feel like he's always trying to get my attention in some sort of way but why the "rude" way? What is he thinking?


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  • just be glad you are not the girlfriend he is cheating on,ignore the low life scum

  • Let me tell you this. He's not getting your attention. He's trying to act cool and act like a douchbag. He just needs someone to act it on, and that person is you. Why? You're just a girl he hooked up with, and you both are almost like similar to an acquaintance friend on his mind, and with that status causes him to enjoy being a jerk to you, though that's his personality, because not all guys are like that. So he's trying to look cool by using you for the above reasons I stated. But in reality, he's a douche bag. Avoid him at all cost.


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