How do you girls deal with a break up if it was you who ended it?

My ex broke up with me 2 months and although I have been feeling a littler better, I still have those dark days where I just keep thinking.

The relationship was overall a very good one until the end when she started losing interest and was becoming more distant. There was no cheating on my part but I don't know about her. Her becoming distant suggests she may have but I don't know.

Even if the relationship was good but you girls still decide to end it, what are the possible reasons and how do you feel after the break up? Just after and then a few months down the line?

You know this guy was the best lover you had ever had and nothing seriously bad happened?


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  • I had a relationship like this, really there was nothing I could fault with it like cheating or anything and he was very caring. However he was controlling and would tell me off now and again and it became apparent near the end and that there was no future and his subtle signs like not inviting me to places and still talking to exes was giving me the impression that he did not really love me anymore.

    I explained to him that I wanted to marry one day and he made it clear that it was not an option for him currently, but maybe down the line. I then found he had been to a wedding that his ex was at and he kept it from me. They had been texting and he kept reassuring me they were just friends but I couldn't stand the secrecy.

    I found I was becoming this jealous obsessive weirdo and needed a fresh start so I ended things. He said he was devastated but said he understood my reasons. He instantly began talking to his ex again and 4 weeks later got a new girlfriend.

    Now from my side; I cried and cried and felt like my heart had been ripped out that he didn't even try to fight for me. But I didn't let him know that and just carried on as if nothing had happened. He text me a couple of times, begging to stay friends but shortly after a time he refused to talk to me.

    I wouldn't be so sure that your ex has moved on or anything, she is probably just as devastated as you but maybe she didn't feel like she could give you what you needed anymore.


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  • I move on really quickly, even if I loved him deeply... I may be in a slump for a week or 2, but I soon realize that I ended it for a reason and so it was for the best.


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  • Maybe you weren't as good as you think you are. Interest can just fade over time. It happens.

    • She used to tell me how amazing I was and she hadn't felt this way about anyone ever. We were together for 6 months and it was only the last month she started to show dis interest and I have no idea why. Maybe she is just young and doesn't know what she wants yet, I don't know.

    • Could be. Or she found someone else.

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