Is he really in love with her, just stupid or something else?

A guy friend of mine is thinking of taking his ex girlfriend back (3rd time) after cheating on him every time. This last time she left him to get back with her ex. Well, 6 months after moving out of state to be with her ex & it not working out. She is wanting my friend back and he is really thinking about doing it because she has custody of her 7 year old niece and he said he loves the little girl & he wants to help raise her. He was talking & getting to know a really nice girl who he seemed to really like and be attracted to. So why would he want to go back to the ex (which obviously won't work out) and not see what could possibly happen with the new girl? Advice please?


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  • just naive, maybe a bit of a masochists, perhaps not all that confident in himself OR one of the most self-less people on earth to want to take care of a child so much that he will constantly put himself in harms way. either way it's pretty sad and pathetic.

    it's beautiful that he wants to help raise a child but that seems to not be reason to be with someone who will hurt you at every turn

    • Thank you! I like your answer. I really believe because he didn't get to raise his own son, he is feeling a lot of regret and he wants to try to make up for it (in his mind anyways) by wanting to raise the little girl. He has personally told me this. I really don't believe he is very confident in himself. Because of some of his addictions. However, the girl that he was getting to know is one of the most generous, kind hearted people I have met. I can't believe he wouldn't want to give it a shot.

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  • He sounds like a complete idiot. There's nothing you can do when someone is so determined to f*** up their lives. He's obviously addicted to the drama.


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  • He is using the kid, I think, as an excuse so people won't nail on him on his utterly stupid choice to deal with this woman. To me I think even mentioning the little girl speaks to that, he doesn't want to admit to the world how dumb he's being so he's hiding behind that excuse. Don't waste your time.


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