Unexpected text from ex. Need advice quickly.

"Do you want to come to mine next Friday to talk? I've been cooking a lot lately and would like to cook you something nice for your birthday. Take your time if you want to think about it and get back to me closer to the date. I know this is little random but my heart has taken over... Perhaps I'm living in a delusional fantasy land but I keep convincing myself that you care more than you're letting on."

That's what my ex girlfriend just sent to me.

She's been texting me saying she misses me lately but been very brief back as I didn't want to show her that I'm missing her. Just so you know, we have broke up once before. I missed her so we got back together. This is our second break up. We broke up mutually over a disagreement/incompatibility issue.

She never cooks so this was quite unexpected... I've never been to her place before either... We always went to my place because she lives with her parents. Could be awkward if her parents were there, right?

What would you think/do/say if you were in my situation?
Unexpected text from ex. Need advice quickly.
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