Unexpected text from ex. Need advice quickly.

"Do you want to come to mine next Friday to talk? I've been cooking a lot lately and would like to cook you something nice for your birthday. Take your time if you want to think about it and get back to me closer to the date. I know this is little random but my heart has taken over... Perhaps I'm living in a delusional fantasy land but I keep convincing myself that you care more than you're letting on."

That's what my ex girlfriend just sent to me.

She's been texting me saying she misses me lately but been very brief back as I didn't want to show her that I'm missing her. Just so you know, we have broke up once before. I missed her so we got back together. This is our second break up. We broke up mutually over a disagreement/incompatibility issue.

She never cooks so this was quite unexpected... I've never been to her place before either... We always went to my place because she lives with her parents. Could be awkward if her parents were there, right?

What would you think/do/say if you were in my situation?


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  • of course I would go if I want to start thing over again , I will take this chance and see what happens, but if I am not interested I will just apologize and never go , it depends on your will , do you want to give it another chance or not ? and for how long you guys have been broken up ?

  • it depends how it ended. if she ended it with you. then I would completely ignore these attempts to get you back into her web. she clearly is lonely, or single life isn't working out or whatever it is.

    regardless of her intentions or what she really wants, the fact that this is not your first break up says a lot. it is going to be no different this time when you get back together. yes the high you may feel of reconnecting and the initial pain of seperation may go away so it feels like bliss but soon enough the exact same reasons why you separated will resurface. I say stay strong and stay away. if you can't be strong now, how are you going to do it in another month or two when you inevitably break up again and you feel even more bonded and attatched.

    the mere fact that you are trying to find the exact meaning to this message suggests you kind of do want to go back with her. if you truly wanted to go on you would just ignore the message. I think you are clearly missing her and love her, but if you both loved each other so much why did you break up? sometimes it takes more than love to make a relationship work, and you know this. going to dinner with her will torture your soul. your choice.


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