I don't understand men at all.

I had posted on here before about a shy guy at work that would flirt with me and we took three steps back every time we took one forward. Finally we became friendly and would talk often. Then I mentioned us doing something together and he avoided me at all costs for over a month, then randomly started being nice again. Find out from him that he's been being weird as he just had a kid (assuming he and the mother are together as someone thought he had someone).

However we have numerous times about weekends and never once mentioned any of this. I don't really care as I am over him, but you would think as we flirted all the time he could have at least said something rather than lead me on.


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  • You don't understand men at all? or just this man?

    He liked flirting and teh attention you were giving him. This is a trait of some people who despite being married or in a relationship just like the attention and will thus flirt. It does explain his behavior of, one step forward three steps back. he didn't want to do anything too wrong so when you may ask him to hang out or something then he would retreat only to start flirting again... he sounds like a pretty big douche

    • Well he purposefully sought me out, in fact if he had never given me attention in the first place I would have done little more than think he looked good. Much less put in 6 months of effort.

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    • well no what? I'm not sure what you're talking about.

    • Oh I meant we have not done any more that flirt and talks about work,weather, weekend plans and such.

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