Why does he do this?

So, I've been talking to this guy for a year an a few months he came over an met my parents an everything went great he was a perfect gentlemen then we started talking more an more an as any girl would think I thought we were gonna be together so in April we met up at the mall parkin lot to hangout since I was already there an he wasn't far frim there either well we sat in his truck an talked for over 2 hours it was getting late so before I left he kissed me an hugged me several times! I really thought things were going somewhere a little less than month he started dating someone after they didny work he came back to me an I was stupid an let it happen not once but 3 more times which was very stupid but now since he has been single he still talks yo me but he's a jerk an he ust to be a loving sweet guy but I don't kmow what's going on please help me. Thank you in advance!


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  • Sounds like he's bad news! Please don't let yourself be hurt anymore and stop seeing him for good. You already let it happen 3 times, which is 2 times too many.

  • sounds to me like he is using you as a back up :-/ trust me, you'd be better off with someone who wants you, regaurdless of who they can and can'tg have at that moment.

    • Thank you so much! That's what I've been thinking too I just wanted someone elses opinion

    • ive been in your situation... and the way he makes you feel when he wants you is great, yea... but when he finds "someone else" or has someone else.. you feel like crap... wouldn't you want someone who made you feel great.. ALL the time? they are out there... you are worth it.. everyone is. they just have to realize it.

    • Your exactly right an yes I would rather feel good all the time... thank you for your help

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