Why can I not get over him?

This guy that I've went to high school with has been back in contact with me the last year. We text a lot, we've seen each other a handful of times and slept together once. It just happened in the heat of the moment. He quit talking to me altogeher for about 3 weeks and then apologized. He now has a girlfriend, but keeps texting me, and telling me things like he wishes he would've just asked me what he wanted to and gone for broke. He also says I understand him like know one else. He has PTSD from deployments. I care very deeply for him, but his hot/cold behavior is hard for me. Should I try and move on, even though I feel connected to him in ways I never did in my 7 year marriage?


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  • See.. he is a NYC guy but clever too..

    He know how to handle you and your emotions and holds you in his arms whenever he is emotional...

    At the moment if you are married to someone else.. then think how your husband would feel if he knows about u... or let it be other ways... if your husand would be in your place and you catch hold of him then how would you be reacting...

    See enjoying life is always good but to a limit.. you can find a better friend then him and a much much better friend then him... you have a golden heart.. don't waste the shine of gold just for a guy who is not worth it.. and passing time and using you a tissue papper by throwing some emotional drama..

    Best is to run over your feeling and emotions and look for a better friend who respects u...


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  • You should try and move on OR accept the label as a side hoe. if you can accept that label then cool, if not then you gotta stop messing with another woman's man.


  • How would you feel if you were that girlfriend and he had been sending such messages? You need to look at how he is treating his girlfriend by texting you, not just what he is saying to you and how you feel. Many would consider that emotional cheating.

    His hot/cold behavior is a symptom of him being emotionally unavailable and if he didn't have a girlfriend, it is unlikely he would still be telling you those things. You already know that you need to move on but something tells me that you won't until it's too late.

  • You got played.


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