Why is he ignoring me now?

i think there's a guy who likes me...but I saw him yesterday and we have both been avoiding each others' gaze- I look at him-he looks away..and vise-versa,..we were both likein the same place talking to the computer teacher for 2 different things..i do have in mind that I know he's very busy with so many courses unlike me... and is under pressure...lol I saw him and he looks like he hasn't been taking care of himself..he needs a hair cut:P lol...and we got so close during the summer..we only have one class together this semester-which is messed up Because he used to be in ALL of my classes andi would catch him looking at me...yesterday he passed so close by me but I moved back..and later during that class I was talking to a girl and saw him through the corner of my eye facing me and looking at me..but I didn't look at him..(he sits behind me)


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  • Maybe you should initiate the conversation with him and find out as to why he's been avoiding you don't straight out ask him why he's been avoiding you. I used to do this with girls that I lost touch with works almost every time "Hey stranger long time no talk. What have you been up to?" Simple easy and somewhat humorous.


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