My ex girlfriend just keeps whining about her recently broken heart, how should I deal with it?

A few months ago, she was dumped by her boyfriend (he's originally her rebound guy after she broke up with me) who she's been dating for 5 years. Nearing the end of her relationship she told me how their relationship was so stale and they hardly act like a couple anymore. Her prediction came true when the guy said he wants to break up and that he has been close with another girl for quite some time.

Now the problem is once she was actually dumped, she went into full depression mode despite her earlier claim that she feels nothing for the guy anymore. She kept going on about (strangely) how she really loved him and would never let him go, etc etc. After a while though, she started to calm down. This past few months she has been talking to me a lot more frequent than usual. 90% of the time she's the one who initiated the conversation. She's also being way more affectionate than usual. I know she's trying to find comfort and I don't really mind. In fact she seemed very normal and I had fun talking to her. The problem is occasionally she'd have an outburst about how miserable she feels and kept asking me if that guy would ask her back (this is every 2 weeks or so). This usually happens for a while before she resorts back to her cheery self.

My question is, how should I deal with her? if I don't answer her it'd seem like I'm a cold person but at the same time I've been telling her the same things (be strong, he's a cheater, you'll forget him, etc) for God knows how many times and the cycle would repeat again and again after a while.

If you're wondering, no I don't plan on being her rebound guy. I did think about trying to date her once again since I've also just recently broken up with another girl but I'm still 50-50 on this. If I'm going to date her again, I don't want to do it now when she's still on her broken heart phase. Of course if it takes too long, I'm also willing to bail out and date another girl as I also have another prospects.


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  • Sounds like she's using you as an emotional tampon. I'd keep her at a distance.


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  • She is not that into you. Your the rebound.

    I would dump her and never speak to her again.

    Plus look what she did to you, She ruined your 5 years of w.e you guys built for a lump.

    Leave her.

    • No, no. She was with THAT guy for 5 years, not with me. She was only with me for 1.5 years. That guy was originally her rebound after I dumped her.

      I do know that I'm being targeted as the rebound though, which is why I still haven't given her that satisfaction and jump into wooing her like most guys would. It'd be impossible though not to talk to her again since she's basically my childhood friend and we've maintained a good friendship even after breaking up.

    • Your the rebound now. Sorry.

      She can "say" he was the rebound. But rebounds don't last longer then a year normally.

      I wouldn't stay with her man. She's wasting your time. And it honestly sounds like your the rebound.

    • sorry to sound harsh. But You are more so the rebound. Like I said, rebound relationships don't last that long. There normally just used to create a "gap" to leave the last person. She is not feeling the effects of actually leaving someone she loves. Sorry.

  • stay 50 feet away from her dude...


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