Should I try and get back with him? It's only been 2 days I can't shake this feeling.

I'm 18 and he's 16

We were friends who met two years ago, spent a year apart then got together right before last summer. Our relationship has been very long distance ( gone for the summer) so we only got see each other a month. Then we hung out for part the week he got back and them it was was every other week once he started boarding school in another state

And at first communication was good, we never called but now I wish I had more. But It died down, like a lot to where lately we stopped even saying goodnight and he stopped inviting me over in the daytime only when his it's late abd his folks were around . When we were together it's good but he seemed out of it to me, he didn't want to visit my house really ( which I hate the place but you make the effort) we stopped having time for anything. Our last hangout was good we hiked all day but he didn't contact me till I contacted him. I just felt though I was becoming a burden, and it might've been just me.

I don't my parents kept telling me to end it, harassing me practically. They wouldn't let me see him late either like around 6 or 7 when he was done with school works and family stuff. If ask him if he still cared he said yes but either way the love you and I love you died down a lot.

So last Friday I texted a bit and finally after hinting said did you want to be just friends again? He just " OK that's alright ok.

I asked if he was serious later and he didn't reply so I asked to call next day and he said OK. I called and decided not to try and get back together. So we talked about how we never saw each other and how he was moving anyway and the logical side of it. He said yeah we never do abd it seems unrealistic anyway and school is suffocating.

So we left as good friends no hard feelings. But only a day has passed and I feel weird, really off. Like I was happy I was free and no worries about being tied. But now I feel a big void inside of me like I've been carved out or something is missing. I mean I've got people interested in, one person I am sorta attracted to but I told everyone I'm not ready for a relationship.

I feel really numb like I just don't want anything and I'm kinda repulsed by the idea of kissing, sex, hugs. I keep thinking of him, wishing he's text " hey I miss you" or fight for me at least? But I know he won't. I'm having insomnia and I feel just so burnt out. I lost my virginity to him, only had sex once. Now I'm free but I want nothing?

Wtf do I do? I feel like texting him and trying to get back together even if we're apart because seeing him is worth it. It's only been 8 months, we were both Virgins and this was our first relationship. He did a lot for me when we dated helped me with stuff ( physically) was chivalrous etc. now I feel like a ***** just cause I left since he wasn't there. He's told me he missed hanging out with me too before.

Should I try and rekindle it or let go?

Should I try and get back with him? It's only been 2 days I can't shake this feeling.
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