Why can't I get over him? I want to move on but feel stuck!

Trying really hard for closure and to move on from a guy I dated a month ago, thing is I still like him lots-he doesn't know how much I like him.

He's gone back to an ex so I know nothing will happen between us now and I'm not taking second place over anyone.

So how do I get over him? by the way he's constantly reminded in my life Because my friend works with him talks about him all the time.

Im hurting still quite bad Because he's made me feel like crap, I just want to move on and get on with my life but not sure how to?

I keep busy, but when it comes to night time when I go to sleep I think about him A LOT- this is where I get unhappy and sad and can't help but feel miserable and cry, help!


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  • In situations like this, closure has to come from inside you, not him or what you do to distract yourself. I see part of that closure is understanding why you still like someone so much when he's treated you like crap. That sort of pattern tends to repeat until you make sense of it and move beyond it. The hurting and the loneliness are another matter. Those almost always require time to heal from no matter what else you do.

    • You're right its time but I just want to move on and he's taking up too much of my time ATM I want closure now :(

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    • He occupies my mind especially when I'm trying to fall asleep, since that's when we talked the most- it's the little things like wishing me a goodnight that I miss. I know he can't be a very nice person especially the way he's treated me its still hard though when you like someone so much and they don't feel the same way. I feel quite used and betrayed by him which aren't good qualities. He's selfish too! Ah I'm starting to get some closure thanks!

    • That's good. You deserve some closure! Thanks for the BA!

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