Needing relationship advice.

Me and my boyfriend have been together officially for 11 months. When we first meet we instantly connected and have only gotten in one argument since then. He took 6 months to ask me to be his girlfriend due tot he fact that his ex had caused him to be afraid to date again. I'm 20 and he is 22 we get along great his friends tell us that we are perfect for each other. However, due to my passes relationships certain things make me nervous. He still hasn't said I love you or expresses how he cares about me. Should I be worried? On the other hand he does take me out to dinner every now and then and does open the door for me and the nice stuff. Id just like to know what I should do? I just would like to hear how he feels about me every now and then or even just a compliment... I don't know if talking to him would push him away or help matters? Or even what would I say? Advice would be great this has been stressing me out...


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  • Ah, this is a fun one. Definitely nothing to worry let me tell you that now.

    All this is you expressing your love and affection for each other in different ways, nothing more. I've written ine or 2 other answes regarding this that may also help you; this one being my fav link

    We all have something that needs to happen for us to know that we are Loved. In the simplest way we either need to be told, shown it or be touched. Visual, auditory or kinesthetic lovers.

    Your boyfriend it sounds like is a Visual lover, he shows it by treating you and showingnit with gifts. (Probably some big romantic gestures too). And you are auditory, you feel it when you are told it and when it is affirmed to yo and yhat is very evifent in your language.

    Although you can see it intellectually, you don't feel it because you are not speaking the same love language. For him, actns speak louder than words and he has been screaming how much he loves and adores you.

    Now I wouldn't be surprised he he is going through the same thing, knows you ve love him logically but still doesn't feel it because you want to talk about it. He'd rather show you.

    All this is is a communication mismatch, which almost every couple does. Absolutely nothing to worry about.

    See in the beginning we are hitting every note posible, we show, we touch and we tell but as time goes on, we tend to just do how we want to feel it.

    Just talking about wouldn't help, because he'll feel like he's not getting what he wants. But the great news is that you can learn to show him how he wants to feel it and he can learn to tell you. Just have a conversation with him about and show him how it could work. I guarantee hell be all for it.

    If I were in your position id do this: the other answer that I linked to is very similar to yours, but differs in that the female is the visual and the male the auditory. Definitely worth a read for you. If I were you, id do similar to what that girl did, prettying herself up and maybe even putting on a fun/exy outfit as she did. You can bet that that will grab his visual attention! After you show him like that, then have a talk (hell be more than willing) explain this to him and ley him know how you want to feel it.

    Id love to know how you go with it all. Comment or pm me with youe success.



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