Guys what would you do?

You date a girl you really liked for a while you get into a little fight because of something she asks if you're still doing. She apologizes you don't for yelling at her in the middle of Walmart. The next week you get into another fight it's a bigger one you call her up she's crying you hang up on her. Later you "want to know where you stand with each other" she says she still cares about you and wants to keep going if you're willing to. The next day you both go to a movie in a date and to meet your sisters. It was good. You hang out the next day with your best friend and her she seams distant. When you take her home you won't kiss her good night. You usually do so of course she gets pissed at you. You text her saying you want a break but she's clearly angry about that now so you tell her itsover she says good. The next day you ask if she's mad she says "no we're clearly not meant to be together" but you decided to try and stay friends. You hear rumors that she's talking sh*t about you. In reality she only said you were sick (like a cold) but you decide to believe the rumors because a friend told you this. You start fighting again. You get another girlfriend but add your ex on Facebook (yes the one you're fighting with) back 2 days after this new relationship starts. You told her friend you were trying to talk to her (your ex) again. Which of course starts a fight because it's not true. Later she says she's sorry and try's to mend things because you work together. She honestly appoligizes for everything she had done wrong. Multiple times not just in one time period. You just come back with "well I do hate you so bye" you've said this before. But your the one who told her you wanted to talk things out... What do you make of this situation? Is he hurt or just being a jerk? Help!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Too much drama. When I break up with a girl, I go complete no contact.

    • He keeps texting and what not he says he wants to work things out then just stops

    • Then reply back that you don't want any more texts from him.

What Girls Said 1

  • I would leave the guy alone and find a new one. He clearly doesn't respect you enough to date someoen else that quickly.


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