Will the love of my life return to me soon?

My ex and dated for 2 years. He broke up with me a month ago saying we can get back together when I finish this semester of school, we remained friends for a week and he called everyday. I finally got mad because I didn't understand why we couldn't be together if we were going to talk everyday. After the first week I spent the next week sobbing on the phone to him and he couldn't handle my emotions, he finally blocked my number and has been ignoring my calls and text since. I was always very supportive of him and helped him through being laid off 3 times, when he was short on bills, I consoled him when he was sad, everything. Why can't he be here now, is he scared because he doesn't know how to console or did he really just cut me off and it's over forever?


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  • why did he say that you two were breakign up til the end of the semester?

  • He cut you off because he needed space, and he thought he could get that space while not actually dumping you. You made it impossible. So yeah, he's gone for good now.

    Next time, believe a guy when he says something like "We can get back together at the end of term" and don't cut off your nose to spite your face.


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