I keep lashing out at my ex girlfriend, how to fix this?

There's a girl who stay with me. I feel guilty and overwhelmed because I'm confused. The relationship I have going right now is not important to me. I feel manipulated. I broke up with my ex girlfriend because I feel like what she wants I can't give it to her. I feel like I'm not sh*t. This girl been living in my house for a year and getting ready to leave this December. it's like karma is taking its toll. I can't even speak to my ex anymore due to this girl crazyness. I'm afraid to break it off because she threatened to blow me away. every time I lash out on my ex girlfriend I feel so guilty and frustrated because she wants the best from me and I feel like I can't give it to her. she tried her heart out for me while this girl is still in my house. My biggest mistake was moving her in my house because she act obsessed. what can I do about this? I always tell her to find somebody that wanna talk to you but in reality I'm guilty because I feel like I can't give her what she need because I'm not sh*t.


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  • it sounds ot me like it's a severe case of low self esteem. I mean in this one paragraph you said twice you "aren't sh*t", said three times that you "can't give her" what she needs. I think that is the beginning of the problem, this feeling of inadequacy. I think the second issue is this girl who you are living with who seems to kind of have you ina holding pattern of life. I'm not sure what "blow you away" means but I highly doubt she is going to kill you so tell her to get out .(period).

    remember you are human, prone to mistakes and bound to f*ck up here and there. We aren't perfect but we can learn and move on...so that seems to be the simple and short application. You learned and hopefully understand what has got you in this predicament so work your way out and do your d*mn'dest not to repeat it

    as for why you lash out at your ex... I think has to do with your feelings of disappointment in yourself and so talking to her is sort of a reminder of where you could or should be. This frustrates you and you take this frustration out on your ex

  • okay. She's not for you. End of story.


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