Cheat Meals - Good or Bad?

What do you think of having one cheat meal once per week?

Some people think it's bad for you and that you must stick to eating healthy everyday, while others think it's beneficial so that it helps you stick to eating healthy on the long run.

What do YOU think? Do you have one? What's your cheat meal?


Most Helpful Guy

  • What is your definition on a cheat meal? If it's an excuse to eat chemicals like cake, ice cream, and chips, then no. I would never result to chemicals in my diet. If your talking about splurging on the foods I eat? Sometimes I do, although splurging on carbs are bad, but I work out a lot, so a person like me can get away with a little splurging here and there! Although, I do make my own cake, cookies, and ice cream. Though, they are made with real natural whole ingredients, they are sweet, but not a cheat meal since it's ingredients I eat everyday!


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think it depends on where you want to reach with diets and stuff.

    I hardly have cheat meals (have eaten enough and more through my teens & youth - I can eat a lot more than an average guy) so leave alone once a week routine.

    If you've already arrived at your goal then you can use the cheat meals once a week routine else stick to a snob diet even if once a week, that's what I do but again for me it's once a month or so :)

    My snob diet can be anything that catches my fancy a that point of time.

    The worst time one cheats on a diet is when they are awake late nights :)

  • It depends on the person. Some people find it harder to accept they can no longer have their favorite foods and give up on the diet when a craving hits. If they tell themselves they will have it later on their cheat day, then they might be able to fight of their craving knowing eventually they will be able to enjoy that food again.

    Other people can't let themselves cheat at all or else they relapse like a recovering alcoholic walking into a bar, and only drink one drink and then leaving expecting not to have a relapse. A person needs to find out what works best for them and accept not everyone is the same.


What Girls Said 2

  • Good! They help kick start your metabolism and give you something to look forward to :)

    Sunday is my cheat meal day (wooooh, two hours away!). My meal of choice changes, but it's usually Nando's (delicious grilled portuguese chicken restaurant).

    • Yum! What about sweets, icecream and chocolate? :D

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    • Congratssss!

    • Thank you! :D

  • I think it keeps you dedicated to your diet, and actually boosts your metabolism, while not ruining your weight-loss/fitness level


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