What are the chances he'll make a move or even likes me?

There is a guy who works in the same company as me this dude has been tryin to draw on me and poking me in the ear with things and always messing around and we always give each other abuse jokingly...i fancy him like mad and love when he comes into my office I'm always smiling when he's around? The girls in my office think he likes me and something will happen? When he comes into th office he always sort of lingers for conversation th other day I sort of pretended to be engrossed in my work and never made any conversation just because I don't want to appear too eager? He will always direct conversation at me if I'm involved it. Does he like me? Do you think he's likely to make a move? I don't need advise about office romance as he's actually a technician and always out and about


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  • He probably likes you, but won't make a 'move'.

    If you like him why don't you make the 'move'? Ask him if he would like to go for coffee this weekend. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, right?

    Best of luck,

    Have a great day


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