That will show him I've moved on?

I was interested in this guy that seemed into me either. But now all he do is talk about another girl in front of me.

But there is this another guy I know that works in the same gym he works out. Do you think that asking him if he knows my "friend" will show him that I'm interested in someone else?


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  • I think that it all depends on you.

    If you have truly moved on then why bother with what he thinks at all? If you genuinely have moved on, then no matter what you do, he will get that and will react in his own way (that could be moving on himself or it could be wanting you back). But if you haven't genuinely moved on then he will also notice that. As with anything, it's emotional and logic just backs that up.

    The fact that you're asking this makes me wonder a few things, first if in fact you are over him, you wouldn't be the first to try and make someone realize what they're missing by doing this. My guess would be that if you were truly honest with yourself, that you aren't over him.

    It also makes me think that he is the shot-caller in the situation, you were going to him to show that you're interested and not the other way around. And if that is the case then I'd say that it's something else that is holding you back.

    Hope this helped. I realized I went off the question a bit, but I wanted to give you an answer to the real question that's always hiding underneath.

    • Thanks for answering. Its just that I'm tired of the way he acts with me! Sometimes he ignores me when I'm talking and has no respect for me. So he needs to know he's not that special, as he likes to think he is.

    • Then give him the respect he deserves from you, which is ad much as he is giving you! Respect yourself snd get rid of thosr idiots who don't respect you. Giving him ANY form of attention just makes him thinj he's special

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