Says he doesn't want to lose me?

my ex and I have been broken up for the last two years... he moved out of the country. but we've been loosely in contact with each other off and on... throughout that whole time.

i asked him if he was moving back to the country, and he told me he wasn't anytime soon... so, I took that as he has no intention of being with me... so I told him the that I don't think I can keep the communication going, as it hurts me to still have feelings for him...

he said he needs to think about what he feels, and doesn't want to say things just "to reassure me" ... and that he knows for sure he doesn't want to lose me...


is this just game? or should I just wait and see?

i guess it is a complex situation...


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  • You should not wait and see. You are broken up, he's not even in the country. You've wasted 2 years hanging on when you could have gone out and found someone else.

    • well no... I've dated several other people during this time... we've just been loosely in contact with each other, and sometimes slip into old patterns of communication like when we were together... recently my feelings have become stronger, and I just wasn't sure what he was feeling on his end... we were planning on going on vacation together in a couple months, just... unsure where we are heading..

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  • what I can be sure is, he is with someone and you are either being played as a joke or kept as backup.. and I think you are old enough to know what should be done :)

    • you don't think there are any possibilities that he has actual feelings for me? I havn't been "hanging on" for the last two years, I've been with others... just realized that I still have feelings for him the longer we talk to each other... I told him how I felt, and he wants to really think things over and see how he feels, but doesn't want to lose me... this is me being played as a joke? automatically?

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    • he doesn't post much on his Facebook, but I'll post things and see what he says. ahahaha. that's funny.

    • yes... IT JUST CAN'T BE YOU... he might have many other things on his mind.. always remember, women's love life affect their professional lives or careers, while men's professional lives affect their relationships, so it MIGHT BE A POSSIBILITY that he has many hardships in his career maybe, or MAYBE he has a girlfriend... you will know from his behavior when you go on a vacation ( women instincts are horribly true I have heard :D )

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  • Honey it sounds like a game to me. Don't wait and see. He doesn't want to lose you because if he comes back you'll be the back up plan sex wise. Move on.


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