Question for guys who have cheated.

Especially guys who have cheated before, please be honest!

Let's say you dated a girl for a year, loved her, you were faithful. Then another girl comes along. You take some space from your girlfriend, still staying in a relationship with her, and secretly start hooking up with another girl and developing strong feelings for her.

You love them both. The "other woman" moves halfway across the world and you are torn between the two. Girlfriend finds out you were cheating, hates you, ends it. You're stuck with nothing but a girl halfway across the world.

Do you regret cheating? Or are you happy to be in a long distance relationship with this other girl?


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  • Cheaters rarely if ever regret cheating. It's just part of who they are.


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  • The way you're describing it in the question, I'd say yeah, I'd regret it. But they follow up response you also gave, detailing the description more, I'd say he wouldn't regret it because the other girl is a better match for him it seems. Frankly it seems he was using you for comfort and security, as a fall back position, at the time. Sorry.

  • Men or women like that are rarely satisfied with anything, or they are so lost and confused they ignorantly will learn to become apathetic...if they have any emotions the apathy will just cause implosions of emotion every now and then.

    Why are you asking, did this happen to you or are you one of the girls in this scenario?

    • this just happened to me.. I found out on Monday :/ he cheated on me all of July with a girl visiting from abroad, then she moved back. he's been talking to her long distance for the two months since while also being with me. pretty devastating.

  • This is a tough one. Do we have kids together? First off sex for me is just sex. Yea I cheated on my girlfriend but I love her no one else. These other women are just a fantasy that last for the time of the sex. But if this would happen I would sale my house and move

  • It depends on who meet my needs and wants better. That's all.

    Personally, I wouldn't cheat on someone if I'm with them. That's a very cowardly thing to do.

    I guess your asking this because your current boyfriend isn't chasing you? If he isn't, then I guess he didn't care for you. Well he didn't care the minute he was doing this.

    Anyways I dunno, if you wanna work things out with your current boyfriend, you can. He will just have to put a lot of effort in to gain your trust again.


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