Post-break up, he wants to let me know it was 'co-dependency', not 'real love'?

ok so I broke up with this dude about one week ago (NC all along), cause he stated he was 'confused' and not sure if that was 'real love' or 'co-dependacy', due to us having sex 'too soon' (in his head) and thus asking for a 'break to think things through'. 24hrs after the break up, he already signed for 2 different dating sites, not mentioning he got back on the one we met through, plus another one.

you can find the entire story in a post of 3 days ago, titled "after 4 months he's confused - sex 'too soon'?"

now he writes me an email - subject: 'outcome' (!) - to let me know that yeah, based on his analyst version, that was actually co-dependancy. thus implying he never really gave a flying f*** about me. he writes he was 'unsure' about sending me this email, mainly cause I 'dumped him quickly in his time of trouble', but he 'felt' like after all 'i would have been curious to know the outcome' of his therapy sessions. he ends it saying 'i'll always keep you with me' (meaning memory more than heart, I guess) and 'take care!".

seriously, WTF?

now, I do think myself that was just his last lame attempt at manipulation, just to make me feel like utter sh*t only cause his plans of stringing me along didn't work. I'm really tempted to reply and tell him everything I bloody think about this ****, f*** off included, but is it worth it? better let him know, or just play dumb and not answer at all?


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  • It's certainly not worth replying.

    Replying would make you participate in this childish game hidden behind analysis theories.


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