Should I try to get my ex back?

my ex is the love of my life.. been together for a year but some of the stuff he said and did made me insecure.. the more he did these things the more insecure I got. he was a fantastic guy but started getting arrogant and taking me for granted.. so I walked away. I have always asked him bk before but this time I havent. I am miserable without him but if I ask him bk again I think his arrogance will be even worse as again I have give in. I can't stop thinking about him though? help


Most Helpful Guy

  • he "makes you" insecure

    he's arrogant

    Takes you for granted

    But you can't get enough of him.

    If ANY male doubts the alpha male theories, read this question.


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  • U are worth more. Go out with friends try to keep your mind of it.

    If he wants you back too then see if the love is mutual and communicate.


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  • put yourself together and move on, girl. do you really want to spend your time with someone who makes you feel like that? why? he's just beeen playing with your insecurities.


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