Boyfriend's mom hates me!

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, when I first met his mother we connected really well. I thought that she actually liked me. Then on our one year anniversary she brought his ex girlfriend to our house. He has a little girl with his ex, but every since that day his mom has continuously tried to break us up. His mom and his ex are best friends and they are both so mean to him. But the rest of the family loves me and hates his ex. He's stood up to his mom and it didn't help. Any insight into this situation? Or how to help me ignore it? It's bothered me for a long time.


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  • it's the mother of his child. so that factors in I'm sure. Your bf's mom probably understands the importance of that nuclear family dynamic. Additionally the ex (sort of that Neil Armstrong on teh moon effect) planted her flag first. So there is a special spot reserved for her, despite the fact that there were 3 other people who traveled to the moon since Neil Armstrong opened the door, planted the flag, bla bla he is revered in history.

    I think you just try not to let it bother you. The more it irks you the more it probably affects your behavior which may be apparent to the mom. If everyone else in his family likes you then it is clear that the mom is in the minority and will have to come around or be left in the dust... especially since her son is with you and after 4 years doesn't' seem to be making any other plans any time soon

    • I try not to let it bother me in front of her. Everything she's done to me, I smile and go on. I wouldn't ever say anything to her because she IS my boyfriends mother. I wouldn't want to be disrespectful towards him or the rest of his family. It just really bothers me the way she treats her son. I just wish there was a way for her to see how amazing her son is and he's great father. Just wish she wouldn't shut him out because of his ex.

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  • Really nothing you can do. Your Boyfriend can't control who your mom hangs out with. he can't control who his ex hangs out with. The ex and mom have a connection with the child. It's part of dating single parents, the ex never goes away.

    You can stop letting it bother you.

    • It's not the fact of the ex, his mother has been hell bent on breaking us up. And that she completely shuts her son out, when it comes to her. She rarely wants anything to do with her son, it doesn't bother me as much as it used to but now as time has went on, I see how they both treat him and that bothers me.

    • Ok, but she can't break you up without his permission. So keep telling yourself that.

  • Just grin and bear it and try to be as patient, sincere and kind as you can and maybe one day she will change her feelings for you.


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