I think this guy wants to cheat on his girlfriend with me

There's this guy in my life right now. He's with someone, but he admitted to being attracted to me. His line was, "I love her, but you're there, and it makes me think." It just made me think that he might want to cheat on her with me. I don't want that to happen, even though I am equally attracted to him as well. Help, please.

Also, can anyone tell me what might push a guy into cheating on his SO?


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  • If you are giving the positive responses and being too flirty then he will go further.Try not to give any wrong signals to him.


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  • I think if you start to get that feeling of him being flirty then just remind him he has a girlfriend and that you just want to be friends. He's obviously not taking a hint so if it were me I would just loose contact with him all together. You are worth more to another guy than to some guy who just wants to get into your pants and has a girlfriend

  • I would tell him if he really loved his girl, he would never think of another person. He is just a typical guy who wants more than he is given. Just try to find another guy that will take your mind off him. And if you guys are meant to be then it will happen.

    • I told him that, and I also said that I just want to be friends because I don't want to come between him and his girlfriend. I thought for a while that it worked because he stopped contacting me. Recently though, he's starting to flirt again.

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